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Arrow Model/Skin Requests (JA)

I would like to request a skin and or model request please.

I have about 8 or 10 screenshot links of SWG Robes, both light and dark Jedi, and I would like to request a skin/model of them. And, if anyone can make a magnaguard model or 'nk-3' like in that Mydryyl caves mission where you have to fight Necrosis.

Also, if anyone can make a DC-15 Carbine model too? And maybe some KOTOR Weapons, I don't mind which ones either.

My friend and I really suggested someone should make models/skins for JKA of these.

Any Kotor models also, just point the way.

PS- if this is in wrong section, please feel free to move it. Flame me, I don't care. We just want these bad.
We are absolutely going insane without em lol

Here's the Jedi/DJ robe screenshot links: no it doesn't have to be that gender/species... get creative plz

Please take all these into consideration.

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