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Yes. I'm trying to describe and see what I would look like as a Jedi...I don't know if you'd understand.

I don't know if I can find a picture of a fat Jedi but I would reeealy appreciate it if you could use what resources you have... sorry.

Here's a picture! It's a Jedi Brute from SW III for Xbox.

Just make him human with white skin, blonde hair, and (if possible) blue eyes, and a jedi robe. You know, just cut out anything that isn't human (like the weird muscles on his head and the skin beard (?) and add a nose and make his mouth more human) but keep the muscles.
Oh and a blue lightsaber. Dosen't matter if it's double-bladed.

Please put him like in any scene from Kotor 1 (preferably Manaan. I like blue, don't you?)

I'd really appreciate it if make me one and I'll be sure to put a created by tag on it. I hope I'm not patronizing you too much

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