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Garage Sales are great!

Allright, I'm just super-giddy at the moment.

Last summer, my mom and brother went to garage sales, and it's sort of a prerequisite to look for any Star Wars items for me. Last year, my brother's keen eye spotted what have become my two most prized posessions, a mint, out of box Yoda, with cloth robe, plastic belt and cane intact (no snake thingie, though) and a "Droids" Boba Fett, also mint, out of box.

Today (or rather yesterday as it's past midnight) I found some more 80's goodness. Not mint, but still great condition X-Wing and Ewok village playset.

All this for under $10 total in a year. Either the people who sold them are clueless to the worth, or I'm just really lucky.

Anyone else find great gems at garage sales, swap meets or junk/pawn shops?
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