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Originally Posted by Purple Squid
Alright, can I help in any way?
I guess so...

Okay, here's the plot of the story so far...

This takes five years before the game. Sasha and Milla are trying to find a robed psychic figure who goes by the name, "The Outlaw." But there's another agent is also chasing this guy down. Together, they will find clues to the outlaw's plans and stop him from terrorizing.

In my roleplay, "Trouble at Whisper Rock", Sarah (my character) mentions a bit of information about it.

"Yeah." Sarah replied. "It was a while ago, like in late '99 or 2000. Bigface asked me to help them while they're were searching for a psychic outlaw. When we found him in the parking lot in an underground club, we started fighting. I used my gun and got a little too 'trigger happy' as my boss uses the term. I accidentally hit the gas tank of a car and the **** hit the fan. I blew up eight of them was Sasha and Milla's. As a form of forgiveness, I bought them a new car...the same one that you saw from the camp's parking lot."

Raz: Is this where I get another speech and learn a lesson?
Sasha: No. Here's your merit badge. Let us never speak of this again.
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