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@ RTG I know I didnít have to, but you helped me through a small writers block, so that in itself says something.

@RA Thank you. I'm glad you like it.

@ Everyone:

I have found it challenging to write from two points of view, so sometimes I am unsure if itís coming off too cheesy, or the flow isnít quite right. At this point I would like some constructive criticism really; itís difficult to improve it without more feedback.

Also, what <if anything> do we really know about the Mandalorian wars aside from a few planets that Atton talks about in TSL? What do we know about the organization of the Republic army? Were there many other generals besides Elora? We know Saul Karath was another Admiral, and of course Carth Onasi has to fit in somewhere since he was the general just under Saul. Is there somewhere that I can find more info than this, or is there no cannon info about that time?

Thanks for the comments. Any thanks or criticism is appreciated.


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