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The Critic's 2 cents

For those that wanted to see their reviews...
Star Wars: Invisible Hope
Set during SWIII. An Arc trooper operation goes bad during the clone wars...
Sabretooth’s five chapter work is solid military fiction similar to ops in Vietnam which I have read about. When he learns the skill of editing and military nomenclature (A squad is about 10-12 men, a platoon is fifty or so Sabre), I expect great things of him.

The Battle For Almania
Set in the Rogue Squadron series during the Yuuzhan Vong crisis. Introduction of Delta Squadron...
Good solid fiction. All in all though an excellent read.
RC1162 has the same problem a lot of us have. He’s thinking too fast when he puts words down on paper, so he sometimes mis-words the sentences. This is not the end of the world! I have stories I wrote in longhand that I can‘t read now because my handwriting deteriorates when I am thinking fast. All you need to do RC is reread it and edit before posting.

[FIC]Betrayal and Retribution
Set during SW III and the aftermath. The circumstances that brought together the parents of a Jedi knight. When your father is Jango Fett and your mother a Corellian prostitute, life can be interesting.
Excellent work, excellent story. I especially like the way Stingerhs points out the biggest problem with the Republican government;

"That's what a System Government's job is: to make sure that the common populace isn't being suppressed. The Senate has made sure that it is a guaranteed right to all Republic Citizens." Of course if the ‘local’ government takes away your freedom, that’s all right.
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