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Originally Posted by The Doctor
No offense, but Attack of the Clones was bad...
anyway, I'd have to say that Return of the Jedi was my favourite. I loved the lightsaber battle at the end.
How'd I know this was gonna happen? One person says their favorite is a non-ROTS prequel Star Wars movie, and then SOMEBODY has to say it's bad. They don't say they disagree, they don't say they THINK it's bad, they just say it is. Grow up.

Anyways, it's really tough for me to choose. I love certain things about every movie that I really can't decide:

The Phantom Menace: Pod racing.
Attack of the Clones: The clones in general.
Revenge of the Sith: Anakin and Obi-Wan duel.
A New Hope: Ending.
The Empire Strikes Back: Battle of Hoth.
Return of the Jedi: Ending.

Now of course, there are more to the movies that I really like, but those I posted are my favorites. I really can't decide. Whenever anyone asks what my favorite movie is, I just say the Star Wars saga.
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