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Dyce knew that they would not last long like this.
"New orders. Target and destroy the piercers!" The group of TIs split up to make themselves less of a target. The piercers were also on the move, some swerving around to the back of the TIs, some closing in gaps on the battlefield where other tanks had fallen. Dyce remembered that these enemies were no mare different than themselves. Why had they chosen to do this? He looked out at the cold battlefield. Their ex-allies looked the same, yet they were so different. He also noticed that more than the original Civic Empire was out there. He saw several soldiers from all kinds of different places, many looked to be barbarians. Had the Empire lost all honor?

Dyce's transfiction was interrupted by the sound of machine guns hitting the armor of his tank. He tried to lock onto the piercer but it kept circling him, attacking his back if given the chance. Dyce did a complex menouver and swerved onto his side, the piercer smashing into the think armor at the bottom of the TI. There were more Piercers than he thought.

The firmiliar drum insignia could be heard on Dyce's speaker. The ground infantry troops were getting closer, they had to make it safe for them. Dyce shot down two piercers tailing a TI.
"Incoming TA-ATs," Reported VI-687. A small bomb smashed into a TI right in front on Dyce.
"Take down the TAs, ignore the remaining piercers if possible." A piercer destroyed two TIs next to Dyce, and hit him several times. "Wait, reverse that order." More TA-AT bombs. "Just shoot anything that's shooting at you!"

"Ground infantry is nearing the canyon base," reported a troop.

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