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Originally Posted by MachineCult
The podrace scene was CG, it was never filmed in the desert.

Well..not the podrace scene....but, if you watch the Behind the Scenes of Phantom Menace (sorry..VHS can only access this with DVD--sorry) then you find out that they had the podracers in a desert and were filming a specific scene (it MIGHT have been the scene where it's before the race, when they're announcing the racers ~dunno...been a while since I've watched it~~) anyway..there was a biiiiiiig storm overnight, and some/most of the podracers got absolutely wrecked (AND during the day it was HOOOOOOTTTT ~duh!)...

I never really meant that the actual racing was filmed...I know that it is CG..but, they had lifesize models of the podracers with them in the desert)

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