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Sasha was busy rearranging the papers and boxes around him. Well, busy, wasn't the right term. In fact, he was just wasting time. When he had tried to work on his studies he found he couldn't, and when he had done nothing at all he felt he had to work on his studies.

Now at least he had some sort of excus as his workplace was getting a little crowded. To an outsider, a little, would be a major understatement. His whole lab was littered in papers, bags, notes, and anything else Sasha had dragged down there. Not one inch of floor was visible.

So he sat in his chair, waving his fingers in a rythmic motion, his mind wandering to other things. Soon the camp would open and soon more psycadets would be wandering in. He chuckled to himself, "Hopefully it will be better than last year."
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