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Here is a section ripped out of the story. It's set on the planet Ruusann:

With a screech of it's engines, the Basilisk war droid did a wide U-turn, letting loose a hail of blaster fire. Lieutenant Commander Carth Onasi raised his blaster rifle and opened fire, but his shots simply bounced harmlessley of the ship's armour plating. He dived to the left as the Basilisk opened fire again, the ground scorched where he had been standing seconds eariler. The droid now out of range, Carth turned his attention to the soldiers advancing on the ground only 30 meters away. Taking cover behind a large piece of a downed Republic fighter, he replaced his gun's power pack with the skill and speed of an elite commando and turned around to fire a volley of shots at the approaching Mandalorians. The one in front fell to the ground unceremoniously, his face plate shattered from the attack. The others stepped over the body of their fallen commrade as if he were a dead Gizka.
Carth heard the sounds of turret fire behind him, and turned in time to see the Basilisk droid explode in a ball of fire. The Mandalorian soldiers underneath it ran for cover, but most of them had their armour torn to pieces by the burning shrapnel --
The attack hit him with the force of a rampaging Krayt Dragon. He fell to the ground, stunned by the blow to his head. He rolled over just in time to stare down the barrel of a Mandalorian Assault Rifle...

No, this is not the end of the section, but it's all I'm going to post now. I'll post sections from later chapters as I write them. Hope to hear some useable feedback
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