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Originally Posted by LukeKatarn
((Yeah, but I have no ideas. I had one when I started this out, then I forgot. o_O. I'm thinking... Alright, everyone wil start out somehwere in sylverant ((Palmacosta, the desert ((OMG I FORGOT THE NAME! o_O!)) That fishing village, Isalia, and that wind town......... I don't think I forgot anything. Oh yeah, that mountain town. Oh my, I forgot all the names! I used to be a ToS GEEK!))
((Pardon my rude words, but is it too late for me to help out here, or is my showing up in this thread not wanted? The towns, cities, and other planes of existence: Hakonesia Peak, Welgaia on Derris Kharlan, the ninja village of Mizuho, Altamira. Palmacosta. Belacruf Mausoleum. That wind town-Asgard. Um, that's all that even I can remember! ))

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