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Remake it, so soon? With what?

If they were going to create a multiplayer only "companion sequel" for it (like Epic did with Unreal/Unreal Tournament) I'd be in favor of that.

If they'd refined the MP format, put in the usual features of modern FPS games, etc. it could have been quite cool. Done right, I'd definately buy something like that.

On the other hand, they wouldn't need to follow Delta Squad. If they were literally following the movies, they'd have to skip around with Order 66. But they could also have had later missions where you hunt down the remaining Jedi (assuming Vader didn't do that part all by himself) in the 20 years between trilogies.

They have plenty of "time" to make a sequel, the question is, would the events they cover (other than the direct Episode III stuff) be of internet to many gamers? Then again, they did make up a lot of stuff for this game...

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