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Originally Posted by Purple Squid
"People... die here?"

Biblical rubbed her face for a second. She hadn't thought about dying. Could she die in someone's mind? Did they do things that killed people? Her dad said she shouldn't be over enthusiastic about this. Stitches come loose.
Oleander was tiring of answering questions. He was more of an action man, not a thinker. He left that up to Sasha. And now that he thought about it, even though he was still a little angry from before, he wished Sasha was here to help this kid, "You only die outside of people's minds. You're safe while in my or anyone elses mind. Otherwise your parents wouldn't have paid so much to get you in this camp." Oleander had a greedy look in his eye.

"Of course you read the phamplet before coming? This was all answered in there."

^Above picture=awesome.
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