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Originally Posted by SandyPhanta
((yeh, and Rifty needs to talk to Oleander : / so cuteness can ensue))
((So Sorry!!! >_< ))

Oleander was not used to sitting so close to someone...espically one who hummed strangle little girl songs.

"Yes...Two o clock." he checked his watch.

He suddenly wishing for someone to come. Anyone.
"well thers nothing to do here so I best go to class" Jake walked towards Oleander and Biblical and said hi then sat down
" Hi" Oleander was becoming very uncomfortable now. Usually he was in a position where he gave orders and the students followed them. But now, now he had to talk to them. "So, uh, you kids staying in school?"

((I just realized how cute Oleander is in this scene.))

^Above picture=awesome.
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