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Here's another section from part one of the story:

Bastila couldn't sleep. She rolled over onto her side, trying to get comfortable, but sleep simply wouldn't come. She rose from her bed, wrapping a blanket around her shoulders, and walked towards the window. The tranquil, moonlit plains stretched out before her. She loved the view from her room, especially at night. She turned her back on the window, and headed for the door, with the intention of going to the kitchens for somthing to help her sleep - maybe a nice mug of warm milk. Trying to stay as quiet as she could, she slipped out the door and slowly pulled it shut behind her. She began to walk down the hallway, lost in thought. After about a minute of walking, she turned a corner and ran straight into Revan.
"Bastila? What are you doing?" he asked suspiciously. "You should be in bed."
"I could say the same to you, Revan," she said, with a touch of annoyance. She had never particularly liked Revan, but as one of the few who didn't. She disliked him now more than ever: how dare he reprimand her for being out of bed at night when he was as well?
Brushing past him, she continued to the kitchens, trying to calm herself. She had been slightly afraid of Revan ever since the heated argument she had witnessed between him and Master Vrook, in which both men had yelled considerably. She wasn't sure what the argument was about, but from what she had heard, Revan had told Vrook of his disagreement with the Council's desicion to remain out of the war. She had never seen anybody act as violently as Revan had at that point.
Revan hurried to walk beside her.
"What's up with you? You seem angry with me," he said. She noted how he automatically assumed the problem was hers.
"I'm not angry at you, Revan, I'm scared of you," she answered nervoudly, afraid to meet his eyes. "I saw the argument you had with Master Vrook."
Revan rolled his eyes. "Look, I'm sorry I got angry, but the council can't continue to ignore the Republic's calls for help."
"It is there desicion, Revan. Who are you to disagree with it? You're just a padawan. You don't have the right to..."
"I have the right to do whatever I please!" Revan spat at her. "What right does the council have to tell us what to do? What right do they have to sentence millions of innocent people to death when they can do something about it?" His voice was getting steadily louder, and he looked taller, somehow, in his oncoming rage. "What right-" he grabbed her by the arm in a pincer-like grip, and pulled her towards him so her face was inches from his "-do they have to control us? We could end this war!" She tried to release her arm from his grip, but he tightened his hold on her, sending stabs of pain shooting up her arm. "You dare tell me that I have no right to disagree with them?" he said, his voice cold and harsh.
"Revan, you're hurting me!" she said, all attempts to control her fear abandoned. He stared at her for a second, then his features softned, and he lossened his grip on her. "I'm sorry, Bastila," he said quietly, looking both shocked and sad at the same time. "I don't know what I was doing. Please, forgive me."
Without another word, Bastila pushed him out of the way and headed back to her room at a brisk walk. When she turned the corner and wasout of sight of Revan, she broke out into a full run, and didn't stop until she had closed and sealed the door behind her.

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