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Exclamation BETA TEST: Siege_Endor_Village

This is a BETA test of 1/3rd of my BATTLE OF ENDOR siege map.

I need help with playtesting and finetuning to make sure the gameplay is just right.
I don't need to know about all the graphics that aren't done and the missing handrails etc...
BUT I do need to know if any of the textures are missing or not working.

If you can help with redrawing some of the lo-res textures I'm currently using please feel free to drop me a line.

YOU MUST read the readme file - it contains important information on how to start the game and the EXTRA FILES you will need to download.

It is availble temporarily from here (24mb):

I hope to have it up at and as soon as I can get it to upload.

Some older pix of the level:
Darth Vader enters the Ewok Village in pursuit of the Rebels...

Imagine the Ewok carnage!

Thank the Maker?

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