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2nd reviews

From Lucas Forum

SW: KotOR: Knights of War

A disillusioned Jedi wanders the Republic during Kotor1.

His ideas do what good fiction should, go outside the boundaries of what has already been done without making the reader uncomfortable.
He tends to write in a stream of thought method similar to watching a movie. So do I on occasion. However this causes him to use the wrong words in some places and jump scenes rapidly which can confuse a reader. This is not a major problem, as I said I do the same thing (Which is why I edit my own work ruthlessly before you see it, and it still comes up with the oddest typos.)
Slow it down. Think about what you’re trying to say. Make clear breaks especially if you‘re jumping from one totally disconnected scene to another. Give the reader a chance to catch up with your flow of thought.

The Journies of Ryan Pano
The exile is looking for a few good women. Lucky for him they’re looking for a few good men. Set in Kotor2.
Parody is easy, but comedy is one of the hardest things to do with a serious subject. VV does it with style.
His writing style use of language (And his handle, I’m not stupid) told me that he wasn’t an English speaker, but I have rarely seen parody done so well by anyone.
Space Amazons? Darth Santa Claus?

Scum of the Old Republic (SotOR)
The world of KOTOR from the underbelly of society.
Well done kid. Few of us care for the seamy side of life, and you covered the situation well. However, as much as cops hate being upstaged, sending in a regiment (1500 men) after one crook is overkill. Tone it down, k?

From the Galactic Senate;

Through The Eyes Of A Handmaiden, Rabé's Story, The life of a Handmaiden, Rabé Napola.
By Emma Kenobi
The events leading up to Phantom menace through the eyes of a handmaiden to Princess Amidala.

In a diary format, good for those that want to discover the inner workings of the average citizen of Naboo. Because it is in diary format, the pace is a little slow.

My Dear, Sweet Sola, The Letter of a Stormtrooper

A brief respite from fighting that nasty Rebellion for a Stormtrooper assigned to the forest moon of Endor.

The writer is merely writing a letter from a man to his girlfriend assigned to one of the ships on station before the battle of Endor, but as with all such relics of a forgotten time, it has it’s own poignant charm.

From kotorfanmedia

Ask HK

A parody with HK from KOTOR fame as an advice columnist.
While I thought the ‘just kill him’ attitude HK always displays would pall, it is remarkable funny. One of four in a series.


After the destruction of the Star Forge, a Jedi out for revenge meets Revan and her crew.

I was hooked three paragraphs into this. Outstanding work, the angst of the main character is haunting.

Of Droids and meatbags- The Tale of HK47.
Yano Upav

The story of Revan’s ascent from the view of his bodyguard droid.
Well written, and the viewpoint is superb. Yano gets into the circuits of HK, and through them you see the people around him. The ‘death and destruction’ view of HK works well in the fleet action which ends the first posting, and makes me want to read more.
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