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Chapter 2 - The Sith Factory

Chapter 2 The Sith Factory
They went down on an elevator, they got to a factory, and they saw something terrible, out of the machines there were androids, but they had living tissue on them, and out of each android they felt a weak concentration of the force, and at the end of the machine each biomechanical Sith soldier received a blast armor, a blaster rifle and a lightsaber.

- "So this is how the Sith are able to fight a war against us?" - asked Noran.

- "No wonder why they are so great in numbers, they are constructing Sith Lords not training them" - replied Kai.

- "This factory destroyed must be, or greatly outnumbered we'll be when the war comes" - Yeddo said in a troubled tone of voice.

After a few minutes Noran came up with a plan, they decided to send Yeddo to destroy the power generator while Kai holds off the biomechanical soldiers and Noran opens the Power generator blast door and sets explosive charges in the factory, Kai ran and stepped right in front of the Soldiers, he looked at them and turned on his lightsaber, he realised that they were too many but since they were very weak he could hold them of just enough while Yeddo takes the power generator out and Noran sets the charges, he started to fight in the Form IV combat stance which consists of several attacks while jumping and spinning the body and saber through the air, Noran saw him from far away and bumped with several soldiers himself, he defeated them easily with his Form IV combat stance and then he ran to set the charges. Yeddo found the generator and he set a thermal charge inside and closed the blast door, after a few seconds he heard an explosion and saw how the lights went out and the machines stopped working; Noran finished placing the charges and headed towards Kai who was still fighting of the sith soldiers, Noran joined him and waited until Yeddo arrived to where they were, and when he did, they ran to the exit and they stopped outside, they saw that in the entrance of the cave the explosion caused a cave in and sealed the entrance, they headed to their ship and they set their course to Coruscant to speak to the head of the Jedi Council Master Serran and his right hand Master Devious.

Arriving at the hangar of the Jedi Temple they decided to head straight to the Council chamber to speak with Master Serran, who gladly let them in and said.

- "Well my favourite padawan learners what news do you bring for me?".

Kai replied to his master.

- "It was a set up Master, they built biomechanical Sith Lords, they were weak but great in numbers".

Then Noran said.

- "We succeeded in destroying the factory in which they were built and got out of there as fast as we could".

Yeddo took the word and said - "We believe more factories there are, investigate we should".

After hearing this Master Serran told them to proceed with the investigation and suggested to send them to patrol the nearby planets.

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