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Chapter 3 - Revelation of the Sith

Chapter 3 Revelation of the Sith
After the meeting with their masters, they wondered what they would do, they thought that going to investigate each one of them one planet at a time would be too dangerous if they had to fight alone, so they decided to go together. They headed to their trusty ship the "KNIGHT V", a very big and long ship with several blaster and pulse cannons, and also proton missiles, they got in, and when they were preparing the ship for departure, a hologram appeared in their communicator, it was Master Serran, he said that they had picked up a distress signal from the Jedi Academy on Alderaan, and that they needed help for master Kad Sen-Yin, after the message they went straight to Alderaan, meanwhile on a dark cave surrounded by dark blue sculptures of hooded men, a table rested in the center, and three men, and two women all wearing black hoods, were sitting around it.

- "Master Morbious, your plan to capture the young Jedi failed." - said A dark man called Darth Blade.

- "Do not worry Lord Blade, they're going right into a trap" - replied Lord Morbious, the leader of them.

- "Yes, the distress signal we let the locals of Alderaan make, was received by Master Serran" - said Darth Syphon, another sith lord.

- "But are you sure that the three Jedi that destroyed our factory will come?" - asked Darth Viper, one of the women.

- "They'll come, they're master Serran's favorite padawan, he'll send them" - replied Darth Ivy, the other woman, Morbious looked at everyone and said.

- "If Viper's advanced formula for our soldiers works, they will be invincible, now Viper you'll handle the padawan, Syphon you'll go to the moon of Yavin IV and you will take Blade and Ivy with you, and check the factory, and I'll keep the council busy".

After the meeting was over a few hours later, the Knight V jumped out of light speed, then the three padawan saw three enemy starfighters, the ships fired to their left engine and it went offline, Noran landed on the planet with difficulty, and they went straight to the city, when they got to the main plaza which was a big round place with several tents on the sides, they saw many people being guarded by Sith soldiers, on the far side of the plaza there was a fortress, Noran and Kai decided to go inside the fortress while Yeddo took care of the Sith soldiers and release the people.

Inside they were estranged with the fact that there were no soldiers or bots in the area, but a strong presence was felt by them; a black figure leapt from the ceiling and fell in front of them, it was a woman, dressed in black, very beautiful, and she was carrying two black lightsabers, she looked at them and smiled.

- "Are you the famous padawans that destroyed our factory?" - she asked, then Kai glared at her and replied.

- "Yes, and who are you?".

She looked at Noran and said.

- "I'm Viper, one of the five great Sith Warriors".

- "Yeah right, too bad Yeddo's not here, he would laugh his butt off, but he's outside battling your stupid soldiers, their fighting skills are as good as a child playing swords" - said Noran while smiling at her.

- "Well then, show me your skills boys" - said Viper while turning on her two red lightsabers, Kai and Noran turned on their sabers as well, Kai looked at Viper and chuckled, then he said.

- "Two blades won't help you much".

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