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Chapter 4 - The Fight and the Yavin Moon

Chapter 4 The Fight and the Yavin Moon
They started fighting but Kai and Noran were too fast for Viper to keep up, when Kai circled around her, Noran leapt from behind and kicked her throwing her to the ground; she was beaten and scratched from Kai's saber hits, she got up cursed them and disappeared with the help of a strange device she wore on her wrist, Yeddo came in running and told them that the master they were looking for was on the other side of the city and that he was being held captive by soldiers, they got out of there and used three speeders left there by the guards and hurried to where Master Sen-Yin was.
On the other side of the city, the soldiers that were guarding the master, and one of them spoke to the other.

- "Everything went wrong, now, who do we kill first the Master or the child?".

- "You are going to have to kill me if you want to lay a hand on my apprentice" - said master Kad Sen-Yin.

The guard looked at him and said.

- "With pleasure old man".

- "Not so fast!" - shouted Kai as Noran and Yeddo leapt from their speeders and attacked two guards while a third attacked Kai; they easily beat the soldiers and freed the Master and the child, after that the General alarm went off and Kai gave master Kad a spare lightsaber and ran to the ship blocking the soldiers blaster ammo, they got inside the ship, they took off, they turned the shields on and sped out of the planet, Noran went to see the cargo bay while Kai flew the ship, Yeddo and Nadan Walker, the child with master Kad, took the onboard ion canons, and Kad the Main Navigation controls.

- "We're loosing power on the engines" - yelled Noran.

- "Damn, we lost it when we tried to enter the atmosphere" - replied Kai, then Kad looked at the maps and said.

- "Young padawan learners, the moons of Yavin IV are not far from here, we must go to the third moon, that's where the factory of Sith soldiers is".

- "Not far it is, repair the ship we can once we have landed" - Yeddo said.

Once landed on the surface of the Yavin Moon, they separated into teams, with the exception of Kad who would fight alone, Kai and Noran were the first team and Yeddo and Nadan were the other, they walked towards a big crater, there was a lot of movement on the surface, the factory was located all around the crater. The biomechanical soldiers were different, they were tall and skinny with tremendous agility, the others were robust but powerful and strong, they were awfully more concerned about this.

- "Those soldiers are going to be a great problem, we could get past the robust ones, but the skinny ones I'm not so sure" - said Master Kad in whispers, then Kai looking at Noran replied.

- "Noran and I will create a distraction, while you guys go deep in to the factory".

They went inside, Kai and Noran leapt in front of the soldiers and Kai looked at them and said to one of the soldiers which looked like the ranking officer.

- "Hey, bolt brain, let's play".

After saying this they turned on their lightsabers and went to battle, Kad and the others went deep inside the factory, Kad went inside the command center with Yeddo and Nadan and they found a laboratory with several organic experiments, they entered the lab and found a big machine coursing power through an arthusian crystal, they realised that the experiments were based on different blood and tissue samples probably from a real Sith lord.

Kai and Noran fought hard but the soldiers kept coming, they separated, Kai jumped onto a floating platform where he continued to fight the soldiers, Noran went near the reaper machines which cut the metal for the making of the soldiers, he fought there but with caution, for a mistake would cause him to fall inside.

Yeddo saw a door open, he went inside and three black hooded individuals stood in front, Nadan and Master Kad Sen-Yin saw them as well, they took off their hoods to reveal their faces, they were Ivy, Syphon and Blade, they told Yeddo and the others their names, then Kad said.

- "So you are the ones to blame for all this trouble, now you must face justice, which we shall deliver, I'll take the woman and the other man, you two take on Blade".
They started fighting but Kad's age was beginning to show in his style of combat, he wasn't as fast as he thought, many times Yeddo stepped in to help him, but the three Sith were too much for them, maybe not to Yeddo, but he had to look out for Nadan, he just hoped that Kai and Noran finished up so they could help him.

Kai destroyed what was left of the soldiers with relative ease, while Noran did the same, they sensed the three powerful presences and felt Yeddo and the others were in trouble, so they ran to the command center and went inside, they got to where Master Kad and the others were fighting and Kai attacked Blade, while Noran attacked Syphon and Yeddo attacked Ivy, Blade was amazed with Kai's power, it was nothing compared to what he had seen before, he found it to difficult to keep up with Kai, Ivy felt the same with Yeddo, and Syphon as well with Noran, then all stopped fighting when Noran's blade went through Syphon's body.

- "Curse you... Jedi... scum" - said Syphon before he stopped breathing, Syphon was dead, so Blade and Ivy disappeared.

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