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Jax watched as Gus and Kaitlyn walked away to begin their training. He sighed.
"Don, find the others that have landed on the planet. I must deal with something"
"As you wish, Master Polara"
Jax looked at Don who smiled
Jax nodded and walked towards the sith temple. He could feel the darkness. It was like a thick mist. He felt his heart beat faster and faster. He came to a clearing and in the middle was a huge temple. Jax entered it and the door shut behind him immediatly.
"I did not expect you so soon- YOU!? You're suppose to be dead!"
Out of the darkness came a dark figure he was completly hidden by a black robe. Only his cold yellow eyes showed from under his hood
"Suppose to yes, but not. I know of your plan and I know I can't kill you"
He laughed, a cold high mirthless laugh.
Jax waited for him to stop
"Are you finished?"
"yes" he said in a cold voice
He withdrew two lightsaber and ignited them. Both as red as blood.
Jax took out his own and ignited it
"Lets see what the so called greatest Jedi in the galaxy fares against the undead sith lords" He smiled and from the shadows more dead sith lorsa appeared
Jax stared defiantly back and raised his blade...


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