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"We pretty much play daily"

Thrik lies. He does so compulsively, and probably tells people that he used to be in a failed boy band called "Echo" but now plays tennis for the England Under-21's, and is in fact the third best in the country at this under 21 tennis game. In reality he avoids worms and plays Kerbie outside in the street with his step-cousin who he sort-of-fancies. If you don't know what Kerbie is, you were never a true child. Why can I not find any web-based kerbie-esque games? Oh, and I'm not spelling Kerby wrong, by the way. (Edit: I meant "Kirby". I'm not spelling "Kirby" wrong (although yes; I did). I'm not referring to the fluffy pink nintendo ball that can absorb things).

Thrik is not ninja.

P.S. If any of this is true Thrik, it's just a happy coincidence. I know I wish I had a hot step-cousin who would play Kerbie with me.

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