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Wallie and Kerbie are completely unrelated games, benzo! You disgust me.

Wallie: Take it in turns to kick the ball at the wall. If the ball touches you and doesn't touch the wall afterwards, then you lose points and respect.

Kirbie: Smaller ball! Try and throw it at the kirb so it bounces off it and then you catch it. If succesfull, move to the middle of the street, throw it at the kirb and catch it. Repeat, taking a step forward with every succesfull catch. Should you get to your opponents side, you win much points! Should you miss a catch, or miss the kerb, your opponent must find the ball and hurl it at you before you've dashed back to your side of the street. Should it hit you, you lose much points! Or he gains them.

It's been a long time actually, I'm not sure on the specific rules. Wallie is a lot more straight forward.
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