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Thumbs down terrible graphics, too much clutter (PS2 version)

I have never had the fever for a game release until BF2....I've been playing BF1 contantly for almost a year a clan, participate in battles, etc etc, log a lot of hours playing BF1 because it's fun to fun that I don't mind playing the same levels over and over again for a YEAR.

Anyway, picked up BF2 at 12:04 AM....came home, started playing...went through training, went online, played a few levels.

I'm horribly let down so far. I dont know how the graphics are done...but on every level, so SOOO hard to see anything...and there's WAY too much clutter on the screen from the heads-up info.

I dunno, kinda seems like lucasarts concentrated too much on ADDING things and forgot about making sure they kept what made BF1 so great....playability.

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