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I made an error so stupid, you wouldn't believe it.

1) When you have an NPC_targetname called "Scene_Jedi", it's better to target "Scene_Jedi" instead of "SceneJedi".

2) I also changed the Affect to lowercase (Scene_Jedi instead of SCENE_JEDI) just in case it is case-sensitive.

3) A clip from Radiant itself on scripting navgoals:

For example: if you give this waypoint a targetname of "console", make an NPC go to it in a script like so:

set ("navgoal", "console")

What I have now is this:

set ( /*@SET_TYPES*/ "SET_NAVGOAL", "Test1" );

Radiant didn't have that nifty tutorial box last time I installed Radiant. What I get for mixing versions, I suppose. Anyway, he won't move, and I think it's because my gut instinct was right all along: It is the other "set" command. Maybe. I'm going to try it out, what the heck, we've exausted every other error in the script!

EDIT I - Still no good!

EDIT II - I wanted to do something useful between posts, so I have resumed mapping. I want to resolve the following issues:
  • The pillar supports didn't touch the ground. (Fixed!)
  • The pillars jutted out from the supports. (Fixed!)
  • I like the idea I have of destroyed doorframes, explaining why the three huge doors won't open, but some pieces were floating in mid-air. It also wasn't thick enough. (In progress)
  • The small door the Jedi go through has a frame, but the sides of it hover.
  • The map is still extremely dark; the _minlight key seemed to do nothing, even when set to 12.
  • That statue is still far too small.
  • The lights are still not clipped, so NPC's can walk through them.

So, basically, what I have in the first room is:
  • An octagonal room for base architecthure.
  • Double-pillars in front of doors and in a cross-shape in the middle of the room.
  • Four doors: A medium sized one and three huge doors, all of them destroyed. This room was an antechamber, but earthquakes have blocked access to a large part of the Rift.
  • Raised corners to prevent it from all being flat.
  • For lighting, I have 12 wall-hanging crystal lamps and about a dozen crystal lamps on the floor.
  • For interesting models, I have a rift_statue model. I will put more in if I can do so without cluttering the room.

I will also add more to the level when I am finished with the game, as I will show the Jedi running through parts of the Rift in an attempt to escape. You see, I have not been idle. I have much more to do, and then the scripting needs to be taken care of.

Speaking of scripting, my script is the same as the previous screenshot except:
  1. The Affect is now targeting Scene_Jedi
  2. My set commands are now of the <str> <str> variety, because that's what Radiant said to do. I did test out the level using the new Affect and the set commands I already had in place, but as usual, he did nothing. So, I took Radiant's advice. I am guessing that was a mistake.

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