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Originally Posted by The_Maker
Ah luv joo!

These are most excellent indeed, my dl is only at 34% but I am so psyced about it!
Great Man, intrested to see what you guys think of them...

Originally Posted by Kly
Wait.Can you use this mod for KOTOR1, and TSL? If it is only for TSL, could you add your sabers to KOTOR 1 as well.Thanks
Maybe a month or two down the road but as of now, battlefront II has my full attention

Originally Posted by RedHawke
Great to see this one made it to release! Nice work!

"Impressive... Most Impressive!"
I wish I could of done things a bit different, but my knowledge is still growing of the kotor games. I'm glad they are enjoyed thus far, hope I can figure the deal with PCGameMods, would like to get it posted over there also.

Thanks you guys for the comments

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