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Originally Posted by Jedi_Knight_707
I saw them in the original thread, but they weren't like ingame or nothing, so I figured that you should take some that were ingame...
Why's that? It's not like they are any If thats gonna make or break wether you download it, sorry to hear that man I myself would rather see max shots of them up close than see an in game shot that doesn't do them any justice what so ever. I wish kotor had a menu setup like JA, where you could see the detail in a ingame setting without actually being in game.

If KotoR took better screenshots, I would have took pics of all the sabers but I honestly think with 25 different sabers it would be more a pain then anything productive.

Originally Posted by RedHawke
I just got BFII myself so I can relate!
I've got the same name when playing it online, so if ya see me around don't hesitate to say whats up.

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