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(remember rennegade there is no Mira or kaitlyn in this quite yet. Jax's plan is to stop them going to fight so viper squad is never destroyed so Rezillo never turns evil, so he never become the phantom ect..)

Jax's memory was fading fast, he knew his memory would return to what it was at this point in time. He had to warn the captain it was a trap. Jax ran as fast as he could to the bridge. The belted through the door and skidded to a halt. the rest of viper squad was already there. They all turned to look at him.
"It's....a....trap" Jax panted
"The's a trap. They know we are coming"
"How can you be sure?"
"I just know"
The captain considered this
"Ok Jax if you sure it's a trap-"
"It is!"
"We'll send in a scout....a robotic scout" he added when he saw Jax's face
"to check things out, and then when we know what we're dealing with Viper Squadron and Vice Admiral Gus kenobi will attack, ah here he is now"
Gus had just entered, did he remember anything? Or would he be the old Gus the one still pure. Jax searched his beltline, no lightsaber. Jax looked up at him and said softly
"Kaitlyn died to save the universe and now we must save her"
He waited to see how Gus responded...


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