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hmmm, 'remake'?

i saw a version of doom2 redone in direct 3D the other day (and i daresay doom2 is on no level anywhere near the dig, quality wise) however, i couldn't help notice the lack of 'creepiness' in the monsters.... since before, when they were all pixelated, it added some sort of flavour to them, to the game's overall feel.... now, it's just like "oh that's what really look like... meh". bang. dead. i wasn't feeling the creepiness. the only things left from the original were the sound effects... they still get to me :S

anyway, my point is (and maybe i'm just being a purist here.... well, i know i am!), even though the dig doesn't have creepy monsters (well, sort of but not like that), it's still got a certain feel to it that's been so ingrained into our minds, my mind at least, that any deviation from that would just be ... weird.

so therefore, i would vote *no* for a 'remake' of the original... *hell yes* for perhaps a continuation?

oh, and wouldn't it be cool as a (well done) movie? i can picture that, since most of the game is quite movie-like anyways... (it's funny, i can handle it remade as a movie, but not as a game..... :s )


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