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Well according to the web:
When playing Star Wars Battlefront II on a graphics card with a NVIDIA GeForce 6 or 7 family chipset, the game may suddenly freeze or your computer may reboot when using the NVIDIA ForceWare 78.01 (6.14.0010.7801) or earlier driver. Lowering your graphics settings in the Video Options menu may correct this issue. We recommend that you check for updated drivers, which may correct this issue.

I found that the latest drivers weren't 78.01 but infact 81.85 so try that first

Also for sound sticking try this (if that udate didn't work):
Several of the following card specific issues refer to stuttering, skipping, or hitching sound in the game. This issue is improved on most hardware by adding a command line switch to a shortcut for the BattlefrontII.exe. Adding this switch helps correct stuttering, skipping, or hitching in the games soundtrack. To do this:

Navigate to the GameData folder where you installed the game
Right-click on BattlefrontII.exe and select Create a Shortcut from the menu.
Right-click on the shortcut you just created and select Properties from the menu.
Set your cursor after the parenthesis at the end of the path in the Target dialogue box.
Hit the space bar once and then type /audiomixbuffer 50.
Click the Ok button.
Launch Star Wars Battlefront II from the shortcut you just made.
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