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Originally Posted by Slipstreme
Sorry it took so long but I finally downloaded it and it works... GREAT!
Great man, glad your enjoying it thats why I made it

Originally Posted by BlazeHoliday
could i possible take the models and mount them into kotor I over previous sabers? if its not possible i guess i can wait and see if you do this on kotor I, lol this is by far the best saber hilts i've ever seen. just would like to enjoy them on both!

Great work /bow
I'm gonna release it for Kotor I down the road, patience is the key

On another note, don't understand why my thread was closed in the Ahto, I thought that forum was for discussing anything was just trying to get some help and maybe some insight to why I couldn't upload to pcgm. Wish they could have at least gave me an explanation, so I didn't make the same mistake twice but it seems like nobody cares.

I have however sent it in to LucasFiles, hope it will at least get the word across to more people so not just the few that come here can enjoy it but everyone who plays the kotor games.

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