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Why aren't they making a sequel
Two reasons, I think:
1. Money.
2. Kids nowadays are realismphobes and want everything to be as simple as possible (just look at how Battlefront with auto-aim and everything sold!). I can picture them coming out of a Rogue Squadron session, seeing a screenshot of an XWA cockpit, and promptly peeing their pants and condemning XWA for making them do something as horrible as "think" instead of just run&gun with no tactics or craft management whatsoever.

I hate LucasArts for slapping the development team of X-Wing Alliance on the balls the way they did. They didn't let the team finish the game, and they refused to let them produce more than one patch - true to LucasArts form.

The reason? Episode I was about to be released and they considered half-hearted Ep. 1 games like Battle for Naboo more important solely because they produced the most money.

Of all the games I've played latelly, it seems all of them have been dumped by their publishers:

Silent Hunter III
Empires: Dawn of the Modern World - heck, most people don't even know about it as Activision didn't care to do much marketting.
Empire Earth and Empire Earth II
Heroes of Might and Magic IV
Battlefield 2

It seems that it's becoming more and more accepted among developers to not care about the games they release. Rush the game and refuse to patch anything more than the most glaring errors. It's like getting pregnant with a kid, giving birth too early, and dumping the poor child on the stairs of an orphanage.

You want a great plot, though, play TIE Fighter. Wonderful dialogue, great atmosphere, creative story-line (they actually sat down and created new campaigns instead of just re-using movie battles over and over), fantastic cutscenes, and some excellent dialogue. The music is awesome, too, and fits the atmosphere so totally.

The graphics are laughable today, of course, but after a half hour of playing you've forgotten all about it.

I miss the good old days when I'd cram every hour of the the day with X-wing goodness.
Holy S***, X-Wing was hard. I mean, it was freaking impossible! Great game, though.

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