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Exactly, lack of linux server was what ultimatelly killed SWBF for me. We apparently got remote admin tools this time around, but seriously, if we restrict server support to windows platform it still limits number of dedicated hosts significantly.

I mean, look at the stats, majority of game servers is powered by linux for its versatility and performance, and has no way to move back to windows. Number of servers/players measures popularity of an MP game, so why volountarily decrease it.

Of course SWBF2 will earn for itself with mere power of Star Wars franchise and symultanic multiplatform launch, but, on the other hand, it automatically means LEC will get enough money to get us linux server binaries implemented, so, for gamer's and your own sake- do it .

And one more thought- with BF 1.3beta LEC & Pandemic had much time to completely revamp MP code of the game and God bless them for it. But it also was a great time to think about linux support and, after the lesson learned by the complete disaster of online SWBF, do the homework right this time around.

Unless LEC doesn't care for their games (let alone gamers), but only about how much they earn. I hope not, but in such case I woldn't have anything to talk about here.
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