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Jax entered the hanger as they did overe the comm he heard
"You were right it is a trap, We are going to send all we have at them"
Jax got into his B wing and took off. As Viper Squadron, Grey Group and white group approached the star destroyers. Jax felt a rush of fear.
"Ok boys nothing fancy, if this is a trap then lets be careful. Ok boys wings in attack formation"
They entered attack formation, Jax could see Tie fighters being released out of the hangers. Jax suddenly felt braver he felt as if he had years of training and dived into battle. He dodged and fired and blasted. He never knew he could do that
"Woah Jax when did you get so good?" Asked Viper Leader
Jax blasted at a Tie fighter which exploded causing another one to swerve and crash into the star destroyer.
Jax said nothing he suddenly felt as if he was the best
"Rezillo cover my approach, Im taking out their shields"
Jax dived along the side of the star destroyer and dived into the hanger
"JAX ARE YOU CRAZY!" Yelled Rezillo as he sped past the hanger. Jax didn't listen. Jax jumped out. He was quikcly surrounded. He gulped. He rumaged in his pocket and found a lightsaber. why was that there? Jax didn't care he ignited it and jumped forwards taking out an officer and a storm trooper. He never knew he could handle a lightsaber or any melee weapon. He dodged fire and entered the room where the shield generator was. He quickly placed a bomb. he hit the deck as it exploded. The shield were weaker but not out. Jax placed another bomb. This time the whole room exploded. flames engulfed him but an invisible shield surraounded him. He ran out of the room and back to the hanger. He cut down several pilots and jumped into his ship. Before he closed the cockpit he threw the rest of his time bombs into the hanger and sped away. The hanger exploded. Nothing was getting out of there in a hurry...


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