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"Tanos?" a voice called. Emara, Tanos' sister rushed out to greet him. "You have been away so long."

"Too long," Tanos agreed. "Allow me to introduce my current traveling companion, Everton Took."

"Call me Ever," the hobbit said pleasantly. "Your brother keeps his finest secrets to himself... I hadn't heard of your existence until... ouch!"

Emara laughed as Tanos smacked Ever on the back of the head. He turned apologetically to his sister.

"I apologize for his rambling," he chuckled. "In the presence of beauty, his tongue tends to wag... well, even without the beauty."

Emara laughed and embraced her brother. "Arathorn wanted me to send you to him. He was rather excited when the Elves told him you were coming."

"I am rather looking forward to seeing him as well," Tanos said. "Lead the way, Emara."

"And what am I supposed to do?" Ever demanded, putting his hands on his hips. Tanos shrugged.

"Anything so long as you don't get yourself in trouble," he chuckled. Emara led him away and Ever slid off Banton's back, left the pony with the Evles in the stables and ran off to find some food.

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