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Gandalf and Ilenal did not stay near Eornd's place for long before they left their horses to the stables. Ilenal walked with the greay cloaked wizard over to the gardens with no grin or a smile around them as they spoke.
"Dol Guldur is a dangerous place while Sauron is there, but those ignorant humans don't listen anymore. The only humans I can trust now are the dunedain"
"Mithrandir, there is still good in humans. When the son of Arathorn is old enought, we shall all be amazed once again"
"You have seen it?"
"No, Elrond told me. Don't worry, I shall keep myself quiet of this matter"
This was their conversation's highlight, but they continued to talk about the power of Sauron, which was increasing

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