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I turned it down to 25. I'll try a few settings at 15, or 20, or about 12, or something like that.

I still have this odd problem where those crystal pillars seen in the last screenshot are a stone type texture in Radiant, but come out silvery in the game. This is annoying me. What can cause this?

Originally Posted by lassev
The ironic thing is that even excellent architecture may be ignored, but lack of architecture or poor architecture is always spotted... That's one of the cruel truths of mapping.
I know what you mean. is the perfect example. Everything is critisized in some way, no matter how good it is. Some deserve bad reviews, and anyone who doesn't believe me can check out JK's Crush them all!!! map. It takes boxy to a new level. But others are good maps that have errors in ONE place, and they treat it like they are the worst mappers on earth. That's why I made d@mn good and sure my map looked good before I showed it to you.

I don't have just a blank ceiling. But I also don't have very much. I will try to think of something... but what can you put on a ceiling? Most ceilings are bare, and I have something at least.

Hmm. I have a scripting question, too. How can you make a saber activate, and a blaster fire? A shooting scene would offer me great opportunity for a new, better cutscene.

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