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For a minute there, I thought you had miss-spelled ; I had no idea that site existed...
Anyway, you've got some good ones there. The Thing, Full Metal Jacket & 2001: a Space Odyssey. Those are great; except 2001, which is simply a masterpiece*
Haven't watched the 25th Hour, I definetely need to do so. If you have the time to, go catch Metropolis, you won't be disappointed (Unless they put the remix version, which has techno music instead of the good ol' piano, playing in the back; last time, I just turned the sound off to watch it).
There is a big problem with movies nowadays, and that is Blockbusters (here, at least). Every single person I know, hates them; and that is because they drive the small video stores out of business, and later on have nothing but action flicks. I used to have a typical video store ran by a family, two blocks away from home, they had any movie you could think of; five years ago, Blockbusters came. The store went out of business, and we had no other choice than to go to BBs, only to get those "I did not get what you said, did you just speak on a foreign language?" look every time you ask for an old or European movie (not even Casablanca!). We now have to buy any movie we have an urge to watch...
Have you watched any Japanese movies?, there is a great director/actor/writer called Kitano, who has made some great Noir movies (at least, that's what I have heard. Read above paragraph to notice why I haven't seen any of his works); and of course, Kurasawa is probably one of the greatest directors.
I know what you mean about not being able to watch Noir movies again, things like that are very tough, I hope you can get over it.
And finally, there is a lot to say about "Un chien Andalou", it is an impressive movie, it would be great to comment on it later.

(you know, I had to write a book review and analyssis (sp?) this year with one of my seldom friends, for school. The review and essay on the metaphors we did were loved by my literature teacher, and I was lucky enough she was a big fan of the Kubrick as well. Unfortunately, my friend liked the book, and hated the movie; which tells you a bit about the kind of people I'm surrounded by )
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