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Well, I did look, and I didn't see it. Maybe I just missed it. I also missed the one that sets what saber you get. That is possible, I know that much.

OK, I'm comfy with _minlight at 15. I need to do the following before I can consider that level complete:

I need to solve the mystery of the silver crystals.
I need to re-do the scripts to spread out the fight.
I need to rotate a few crystal lamps so they face the statue.
Anything else that may come up.

So close, so very close, to the end of Level 1. Level 2 will be exploration of the actual Rift. I do intend to give the whole level a Rift "feel" as I have done so far.

BTW, what I was looking for was to have actual combat. It may be best to make them invincible during ordinary combat, and then turn off invincibility when the scene is over. OK, that'll work. I'll look around for the blaster one.

*thinks a minute*

Taspir III had a controlled saber battle where Jaden fights Alora; the anims are always the same. That'll take a long time to set up, so it probably isn't necessary. But it was a thought.

I hate destroying a perfectly good script, but it is necessary. I may as well, having new waits, canera angles, etc. *turns on action music* I'm off into Radiant!

Deception, the best SP level-set in the world, is done! Get it here!
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