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That's not it entirely, Sobek. It's also a matter of how the AI works. The "improved" AI simply looks at a player tag on anyone who fired on it. Consider this:

If you and another ally are shooting at an enemy AI, it will automatically fire upon you. To the exclusion of anything else. Even if you're at the very edge of blaster range, and the other friendly (or MULTIPLE other friendlies!) basically has their blaster rifle up the enemy's ass.

I've had enemies get easily blasted because I fired on them from the edge of range like that, so they started shooting at me. Then a bot right in their face shot them, while they were busy shooting my way.

Which aggarvates me slightly, since I bought this game to do the shooting. And the AI method pushes up the learning curve for people who aren't ubershots. (They have improved the AI's ability to hit a target, in combination with the new "hyped up monkey on crack" running speeds.) "Star Wars" and "steep single player learning curve" should be exclusive terms, casual fans want something they can set down to 'easy' (not 'elite', not 'normal', but /EASY/ which isn't friggin included), that they can win, to enjoy the plotline a little more instead of having fantasies of creative ways to execute Pandemic/LucasArts employees, for having to repeat the same mission 50 times.

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