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An Empire to Crumble;

Set in the post Kotor universe with a dark ending. Darth Revan and his apprentice Bastila go after the survivors of the fleet battle.

Well written, needing only some tweaking to make it excellent.

Angels of Destruction
As the Sith war continues, A new enemy, arises.

The only problem with the work is that Rav is trying to move the story along too fast, and ignoring important points. Lots of action, but without a better idea of what and why for the reader, it will drag. On the technical side one of the readers of the site who has already been reviewed has pointed them out, so I will elaborate;
A ‘klick’ is a kilometer, .64 miles for you fellow Americans out there. Unless a transmitter has a range of 11 billion kilometers, it won’t even reach a light year’s distance to call for help. When you consider that Proxima Centauri, the closest star to us is 4.3 light years (47.3 billion klicks) you see the problem.
So far in the series, I have yet to see anyone communicate with a ship in hyperspace. If this is incorrect, please tell me. I have always envisioned being in hyper as digging a hole and pulling the dirt back in after you. Until you dig out again, you are totally separate.

John Skywalker

Set 5 years after the events of KOTOR2,
The Republic rebuilds, but evil is already there in unexpected places...
The story is well written needing more than anything else, a good editor.
Like a lot of the younger ones here, John doesn’t use his grammar checker often enough.
Don’t take this as a nasty dig, kids! My first ever story, written in 1964 at age 11 was written in long hand on the back of what I had available, which was old discarded computer punch cards.
I am eternally grateful that I didn’t post it here. None of you would even speak to me again if I had.

From the Galactic Senate;

Star Wars: Dark Shadows, When the shadows emerge...

Set in the period before SW1. A young Jedi is set on a course to confrontation with Darth Maul.
The writing style is a bit slow, but I think it is because the writer is feeling the way, unsure what might upset the reader. All in all worth looking at.

A New Era, A fanfic taking place during the NJO...
A brief interlude for business during the world of the new Jedi Order

Vyndim only wrote two posts, and the story is not well developed yet. I am withholding my comments in case he writes more.

Star Wars: The Assassin Project,
Obi Wan

Six months after the battle of Genosis, yet another enemy joins the Confederacy

While Obi-wan only made two posting, he gave enough that I would really like to see more. The main problems he has are the same that every young writer has, talking (Mentally) faster than his fingers can keep up.

From kotorfanmedia:
kotorfanmedia is redoing their site to gain some of their bandwidth back. Because of this, they have disabled the author’s list. This means that the system I had started with, running them alphabetically from the bottom will be held until they either put it back in or, more likely, do away with it. Therefore I have started with Light side Revan posts and again, gone back as far as possible in time so that you get the older posts first. After saying that...


After the destruction of the Star Forge, Fiala as Revan is known decides that maybe the Jedi council thinks the galaxy would be better off without her.

I can’t praise this story enough. When a story ends, and Tolkien once said, it is only the beginning of the next, though we may not get to see it. How many of us have wondered about the aftermath of this war?

Protocols - an AtF Deleted Scene

Revan and HK have a discussion about human mating practices. During Kotor1.

Atheneprime is one of the moderators/editors of kotorfanmedia, and struts her stuff excellently in this comic romp. The pacing is excellent, the commentary witty and HK talking of his ‘research’ when remembered in the deadpan style of his voice from the game will reduce you to tears of laughter. The readers on the site gave this 37 thumbs up and I agree wholeheartedly.

Foresight Prologue

Set during interim between Kotor 1 and 2
As Revan and the Onasi family settle into ‘marital bliss’ old memories start to surface.

Well written, an excellent read.

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