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Gandalf led Ilenal to where the dunedain were resting and stopped there.
"The dunedain do not miss my company, I am sure. Do not make me g throught that door, Gandalf" Ilenal said as he looked at the door infront of him where he would find some of his old friends. Gandalf just smiled and shook his head.
"If you do not meet Arathorn and solve your matters with him, his son shall have a different future up ahead. The future that has been shown to me and Elrond is clouded, and will not rely on what you do now, but Arathorn and his child will need your support just like they need mine" the bearded and grey clothed man said, leaning onto his staff until Ilenal nodded and sighed as he surrendered.
The two walked to the door, Ilenal gathered himself and Gandalf opened the doors for them to walk in. "Arathorn" Gandalf said happily, as he had been busy and had not yet seen Arathorn up close and personal in many years

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