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What I will End up doing is using a massive fleet(But Small Enough to not get Heavily Pick on by Recon or Ambushs). In a way like the emporer's tactics in ROTJ I might end up showing my self open then, do an Ambush within an Ambush, But first my Tactics will be somewhat Defencive with massive Anti-Fighter Groups, as well as Tie-Craft Support. In order of gaining planets, my ground forces will slowly gain forces as I break down the Rebel Fleet. One tactic that I will do different with the Emporer's Strategy is instead of having the fleet always stay where they are. Once the Rebel Fleet "breaks off"(If there is a giant sheild generator building), I will have the SDs and My Squadrons go in for the kill. The Emporer not bringing the fleet during ROTJ(Battle of Endor) was purhaps his biggest mistake.
I as well will need a good amount of planets for this so I need to include a lot of fast/powerful fighters.
The idea of targeting heroes I will keep in mind while I'm on the tactics screen.
Note: The Fighters only break of the 2D Stategy area when they are fighting otherwise they stay in a "flat" trail.

A) Defencive Buildings
B) Fleet Build-up
C) Gradual ground force Build-up
D) Fake weakness and the Kill

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