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A section of Part Three. It takes place a board Revan's flagship (now called the Scimitar).

As the last of the Sith soldiers fell dead to the ground, Bastila gripped her lightsaber hard as Revan placed a particularly hard block against her attack. She pullled back out of reach, and fell into a defensive position. To her surprise, Revan did not press the attck - he lowered his lightsaber to his side, though he was still visibly prepared for an attack. Commander Trycken and his soldiers then opened fire on the Dark Lord himself. He reflected their shots back at them with the same ease with which he had blocked Bastila's attacks. All but one of the soldiers fell to the ground, their chests burned open with their own shots. The last soldier rushed forward, aware that he was as good as dead, and charged at the Dark Lord. Revan simply lifted a black-gloved hand, as if squeezing the juice out of a piece of fruit. The soldier gripped his neck, trying to pry off the pair of invisible hands that were choking the life out of his lungs. Just as he fell to the ground, joing his fellows in the beyod, the other Jedi rushed through the door, their lightsabers ready. Janel rushed to bastila's left, her purple lightsaber pointed at Revan's chest.
"You cannot win, Revan," said Bastila. Revan lifted his lightsaber above his head in a combat stance, and prepared to defend himself. "So be it," whispered Janel, her voice heavy with sadness. The Jedi had begun to advance on Revan when Bastila saw it - weapons fired from Malak's ship; and they were heading right for the Scimitar. They cut through the deflector shields as if they weren't there. The consoles in the bridge exploded. All of them - Jedi and Sith alike - fell to the ground, Revan hitting his head on the relatively undamaged console behind him, half of his mask burned into his face. Bastila raised her head slowly. She lifted herself up onto her elbows, trying to shake out the fog that clouded her vision. She crawled towards Revan, and her stomach lept into her throat - he was badly wounded: she could sense the damage done to his mind - but their was something still there. She could fell it through The Force. A spark of life still existed in his body. She reached out her hand and placed it on his chest, focusing as much as she could on preserving that spark. She willed the Force through her hands and into Revan's body, guiding it towards the flicker of live still inside him. The Republic needed information about the Sith fleet, and through Revan was the only way they could get it. He could not die. She wouldn't allow that to happen. She heard movement behind her, and saw that her fellow Jedi were rousing as well.
"He's still alive!" she said. "Help me get him back to the ship!" Janel and Lurek hurried forward, grabbed him under his arms, and hoisted him onto Tyrran's shoulders. The four of them then hurried for the docking bay, none of them knowing what Bastila had done - nor the future consequences of her actions.
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