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Of course, trying to get a Japanese movie here is worthless...
What I feel about Film Noir, and probably why I like it so much, is that it’s much deeper than Thrillers and Police movies; as it deals with the chracters themselves, rather than with the cases. Take the example of “The Big Sleep”, whose story could not be explained even by Mr. Chandler himself).
I did watch Blue Velvet once, and I liked it quite a lot, I should watch it again some time. And, I’ll look for Lost Highway.
As for directors, I can’t make a list, as I found it difficult to make one without regretting.
Twin Peaks?, would you believe me if I told you that they actually air the show at 2.00 am each Friday, on Universal Channel? And, the DVDs of their seasons are being sold at a music store, so, I guess I could take a look at it.
Though my list would include:
-Andrei Tarkovski [My all time favourite, a very underrated director; had he not been Russian, he would be admired by most]; he directed “Stalker”, a meditative movie, I cannot describe its greatness, if you ever get a chance to watch it, don’t hesitate to do so.
-Luchino Visconti; “Rocco & His Brothers” & “Death in Venice”.
- Stanley Kubrik; well, as you said, why should one bother?, but anyhow, “2001” & “The Clockwork Orange”.
- Ingmar Bergman, “The Seventh Seal”.

Fellini, and Gilliam are great as well, but I must admit, I have only seen a couple of their movies. Although, “Brazil”, what a great film.

Directors I do not like include, Hitchcock, I believe “Psycho” is overrated, and so are many others. Needless to mention, Spielberg…

You plan on being a director?, my uncle stidied Film Directing after giving up a great carrer in playing the violin, and is now a successful theatre director in Europe. Directing is great, though it is not my kind of gig. Sript Writing perhaps…
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