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Originally Posted by Vagabond
I have to say, that when they still had orbital strikes in the game, I'd often go find me an out-of-the-way gonk droid and just hunker down, prone, so as to draw as little attention to myself as possible, and just oribital bomard the heck out of everyone. I have to say, that was a LOT of fun. I'm sort of sad to see that both oribital bombardment and laying prone are gone from SWBF2, but I still think the game is pretty fun so far.
I agree. Especially on Kashyyyk, as a clone sniper, I'd run to the end of the platforms and go prone next to the ammo droid, and bomb the snot out of the AATs and spider walkers on the island.
But these maps are way more complex and the recon droid would would probably run out of fuel before getting to its target. Plus I'll admit going prone got me killed (or got me kills from enemies who did) all too often.
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