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oh yeah. well, heres the next chapter. they talk about a ship a bit in this part but its long enough

The moment he stepped outside, Mace swore to himself never to fight again if he could help it. The land was littered with bodies of Clones and Jedi. The remaining non-clones were firing desperately at the advancement, trying to slow them down. But the Kaminoans had done their job well, the new contingent of troops they had delivered far surpassed 2 million in number. Blasterfire dominated the afternoon sky. Tara, lightsabers held high, dropped into a crouch and jumped up like a rebounding spring directly into the fray. She decapitated half a dozen Clones upon landing. She then launched into a tactic she always used when surrounded. Holding her lightsabers level with her shoulders, she began to spin on the spot like a Ballerina. Amidst the streaks of blue and green came flashes of red and body parts. Mace was about to join her when he felt something. Without thinking, he used the Force to yank Tara off the ground where she was and back to him.
Just in time.
Where Tara had been standing a moment ago, an ARC’s rocket had exploded. Tara stood up and looked down. She had wiped out more than half of the Clone brigade.
“That’s enough,” she yelled at the officers. “Get to the ships.”
And urging Mace with a gesture, they ran to the Hangars.

Back on the field, the Clone Commander gave the order to cease fire. He called forth a Clone Lieutenant and said to him,
“Put a message through to Lord Vader. Tell him that the Jedi Windu has escaped.”
The Lieutenant nodded but never got the chance. The last thing that all the remaining Clones saw was a Proton-Fusion remote mine going off. Then blackness.

Tara and Mace burst into the Hangar. Mace was mildly surprised, he had expected to see complete pandemonium in the Hangar but the officers were boarding the freighters in a calm and orderly manner. He shrugged and turned to Tara.
“So where do we go?” he asked.
Tara nodded and lifted her palm.
“Just a minute, Master, I want to make sure that these people are all on their ships.”
Mace looked back at the slow-moving line and shook his head in frustration. He reached out to the Force and all the people got raised off the ground about an inch. He then shot them into their ships and activated the ramp mechanism. The ramps closed and the pilots engaged the engines.
Tara looked at Mace, her eyes wide.
“That’s the first time I've ever done something like that. Let’s get to your ship.”
Tara nodded and pointed at a sleek starfighter parked nearby.
“My Gamma 5 D-31 Dexconn. Prototype craft. Only 10 were ever built.”
“Where did you get it?” Mace asked.
“It isn’t a modern Republic design.” Tara replied as she got into the cockpit. “It was blueprinted 3000 years ago and was very famous then, but the plans mysteriously disappeared after some time. They were recovered the designs only seven months ago.”
“How do you know that it disappeared?” Mace asked, getting into the separate gunner’s cockpit on the right side.
“The guy who recovered it told me. Apparently there was a datapad along with the blueprints. Since then, they kept the plans to themselves and made it for only top Jedi pilots.” she said. “Anakin would have got one.”
“If it’s that old, wouldn’t it be impractical to use it at this time?” Mace asked.
“There's no problem with the design. It’s actually better than our craft.”
Mace nodded and buckled himself up in the seat.
“Where to, Master?” Tara asked.
“Let’s go to Manaan, Tara. The Sith won’t find us there.”
Tara started the engines and took the craft out of the hangar. Twenty minutes later, they were in space.
“Initiating the jump to Hyperspace,” Tara warned. “Hold on.”
The Hyperdrive engines kicked in and the two Jedi blasted away to freedom.

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