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Well...guess what!?

As of about 2 minutes ago (the amount of time it took me to get downstairs to the computer; and log on....I defeated Hoth!!!

You know what really helps?

Being Darth Vader, and having a Lightsaber!!!

So, just STAY in the trench. (the Rebels only come in the trench from the ONE direction -- once your guys arrive to give you a little bit of back up NEAR the trench.

I was glad that I already knew what to do (from reading on this forum) before I played it...That way, I already knew that 'Oh...I need to place that sensor! --Oh! It goes in the trench!' --I already knew that was nice


If you'll excuse (excoose-lol) me, I'm going to go play some Instant Action (OR Galactic Conquest --almost definantely Instant Action, though! *heehee*)

See ya, s00n!

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