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Could I at least divide the five best ones in two categories?
If so,
Jazz & the Like:
-Swanky Maximino
-Blue Hector
-Hi-Tone Fandango
-Neon Ledge (I don't know if you consider this Jazz, but I can't put it in Others)
-Mr. Frustration Man

-Temple Gate
-Lost Soul's Alliance
-Talking Limbo
-Ninth Heaven
-Manny & Meche (If I had to pick one song of this soundtrack, which I could not live without, it would probably be this one. This Tango-like theme is beautiful by itself, but if you add the fact that it was played at the end of the game, you get yourself a pretty emotional song)

Kloppstock, welcome to the forums.
I know realise how great this game's soundtrack is, it is mpossible to pick a favourite one.

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